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Land with the Plan

Land with the Plan

So it’s been a summer since I got the topographical report on that pie shape wedge of a piece of land I bought. I’m not really sure what I can do with it since the bottom part of the piece is not flat and thus doesn’t really leave me which much space.

St. Mary’s Glacier to recap has a Property Owners Association with some specific building guidelines. I’m still a little hazy on the whole unit break down, but I’m guessing from the information I have seen online I’m in the Unit 1 area for Winterland (county says my parcel name is WINTERLAND U1 L75). Didn’t know what.

Anyway, looks like whatever I build has to be at least 600sqft of enclosed new construction. It can’t be a manufactured home, although pre-fab might be okay. My land is 9714sqft. And while I would guess it would quality under Residential R-1 zoning. That would require the lot is a minimum of 1200sqft. Anyway if it is R-1 Regarless, it says

SETBACKS: The minimum front building setbacks for all structures shall be twenty (20) feet. The minimum side and rear setbacks for all structures shall be fifteen (15) feet.

Looking at the surrounding houses I’d say there is a bit of leeway with these numbers, but you never know. There’s about a 30×30 square foot space I’ve love to stick a house. At first I was down for an A-frame or something more long and thin, but I found GreenFab and I have to say this would look great and what a view from the roof deck!

Okay, I’m probably dreaming at thus point. But seems like a nice dream. I could stick a 20×36 in the open space if I’m careful. But I’m guess all the snow on that roof would have no where to go.