Old School Phototron

This company doesn’t even sell this anyway. But I remember back in the 80’s when I’d see ads for it in magazines. Why is there a old school bulb at the top of that thing? Wait, we need a porn star to sell this.

Okay, that was fun. Except she says “It’s all about the vertical lighting.” But vertical lighting doesn’t really help that much.┬áSo what other self-contained grow box is out there? Plug-and-Plant as they’re calling it now.


Looks like they had a kickstarter campaign in 2016 that got cancelled. So what happened? Who know. Damn slackers from the bay area.


Well this is actually sold. $1999! Expensive, but maybe those Canadians have something with this. Guess they finally got it out in early 2018.


Okay, this is starting to ship this winter 2018. $2400 preorder! I think this was testing at $1400 before. I’m curious how this Israeli product will turn out. I think they refer to it as a cultivator.


From Boulder, Colorado and $2990, will it actually ship in 2019? Maybe!


$2690 from California and available now!

So we’re looking at $2K-$3K to build a box that will cultivate my cannabis for me. Crazy. Does any work have to be done? Let’s look at some other options out there that might require you to interact with your plant.


$599. Not sure it does all the others did. I think I need to do a breakdown of the differences, but it does look like it’s selling

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