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OctoPrint Instructions

OctoPrint Instructions

Okay. So it worked. But I’m still learning and I need to write this stuff down somewhere. Might as well be here.

Went to Microcenter and picked up:

Basically $40.00 for the OctoPi system without the micro USB cables (which I just bought a bunch from Amazon)

On a side note, while I obviously have a case now, I did build and print my own design to mount to a 3D printer (based off a number of workable designs online)

Okay. So I got four of these total. Didn’t want them running all on one system. Got the most recent OctoPrint file, and Etcher to install on the microSD. On a side note, get the good microSD. No reason to make things slower than they need to be.

Once flashed, I used Brackets to edit the octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file.

Changes were to uncomment and add info for wi-fi:

Plus location info (comment UK, uncomment US). Once that was done I could pop the microSD card into the pi and boot up.

From a terminal I used this command to login:

If you’ve done this for another octopi you’ll need to use the command below to remove the previous ssh reference:

The default password is ‘raspberry. ‘ Use ‘passwd’ to change the root password after you have logged in. Once done, you can configure:

2. Network Options. N1 Hostname. Change this to something else if you plan to have multiple OctoPi instances.
7. Advanced Options. A1 Expand File System. So you can use the whole microSD.
8. Update. Always good to have the latest and greatest.

Those three are the main ones you need to change. Now you can go to the local address <hostname>.local and get octopi going!