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Cartesian Cantilever 3D Printer

Cartesian Cantilever 3D Printer

Been thinking about The TronXY X1 for a while now. It’s a $130 printer! That’s pretty damn cheap. But the reason I’m interested in it is simple. My prints are never more thank 60mm tall, or 100mm wide. But they could be 1000mm long. And I don’t see many printers you can easily modify for this except a cantilever printer. And the only two I’ve seen that are viable is either the TronXY X1 or the Creality Ender 2.

One concern I have for the TronXY X1 is that there is a ton of work to do for install. Nothing is really put together for you but the hotend. And the parts are mainly acrylic, which for me always breaks easily when tightening screws.

I actually have the Creality Ender 2. It’s a little more, about $180. In terms of easy to put together, I’d say that extra $50 counts for something. Most parts are metal and it’s partially put together for you. But maybe with good video documentation it would not matter.

Quick note, the most costly part of an upgrade for the printing is getting the 2040 Vslot 1500mm long (damn I wish they sold 2000mm) and a couple extra wheels (you’ll need 3). That will run you about $50.

So I’ll be ordering another of one of these soon so I can document the entire process to show someone how to build terrarium conversion kits, but viable for even 29 gallon and possibly 40 gallon breeders.

All that said, the Creality Ender 3 is only $180 seems like a better system to hold the weight for width. I can still increase the Y-axis to 750mm using a 1500mm vslot. For my regular work, I really think think the TronXY X5S is pretty sweet.