Who Owns What

The nice thing about public technology when properly implemented is it just works. I don’t mean implemented in the same way a place like Detroit implements it. Where human error runs ramped and the fire department is a disconnected line.  But used properly you can data mine public information all you want. A reason some build full automation tools for analytics. Anyway, continuing my due diligence for my current land purchase I started wondering when a better deal would come along.

St. Mary’s Glacier has a finite number of undeveloped lots. Of those lots I want to be as close as possible to the two lakes, and St. Mary’s Drive leading up to the glacier. That said, I also need to be close to water and sanitation, not to mention electric and internet. You can build without these, so know where they are available is key. With that and a good map of the subdivision showing the public record of all ownership and transfer of ownership for this century, I could get an idea of what really were my options. So let’s look around what will soon be my land.

Except for the orange showing where I am in contract, the rest shows multi-property ownership, or where someone built a house. Based on my interested, I’d say there are only 6-7 properties I’d consider, and some have larger building issues than Lot 75.

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