Under Contract

The papers have been signed, and by the end of the month, I’ll have the warranty deed to LOT 96, Books Drive in Saint Mary’s Glacier. This will be my first investment in land. And perhaps my first opportunity to build that contain home I have been talking about for over a decade. Why not?

Location is everything, and just a few hundred yards away is a slightly better deal.  This LOT of .2 acres will run me almost $13,000. But it’s only slight raised from the road, has mountain views to the east, close to the glacier trail on the west, close to the lakes in the north, and water, sewer, electrical, and internet right at the road. I really don’t want to pay the $20K tapping charge. Now this other LOT I have seen is .6 acres, have a good flat area to build, and they have already paid the $18.5K tapping fee. For $22K, I’m basically only paying $4K plus the tap. Sounds like an amazing deal, except it’s in a ravine with no views and stagnant water, so a ton of mosquitoes. I suppose it’s better to just pay an extra $9K for the right land.

Now what am I going to build? And I need a parking space now!

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