Getting OctoPrint going from the Mac

OctoPrint looks pretty sweet as an easy and open source way to run my 3D printers remotely.¬† To make this happen I went down to my local Microcenter and picked up a Raspberry Pi Zero W for $5. That’s the in-store price for only one. Okay, you’ll also need a 4GB micro SD card and a bunch of little things to get it up and running. But I’m not going to get into all that quite yet.

If you read the download page you’ll note that the Pi Zero W isn’t great if you’re running a camera. So don’t use it with a camera. Get a Pi 3 or something if you want to do that. I also downloaded Etcher to make the process easier to flash the micro SD card with the OctoPi image.

I’m supposed to edit the¬†octopi-network.txt file with my wifi info at the start. And I’m not supposed to use the standard text editors on my mac, so I’m using Brackets for that.

I’ll let you know what happens when I plug it in at home.

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