Getting Started Ordering the Tronxy s5x

Before I get started I’d like to point out I’ve build printers before. I sourced parts and made my own based on the open source files from (which they seem to be hiding these days) to build a couple gMax 1.5. Sourcing parts and building on your own is a long process, but good for learning. That said, sometimes kits are better. You get started faster, and they also tend to have a community of builders you can go to and ask questions.

Following that logic I recently to upgraded those open source systems. I went with and their FT-5 R2s which require a little maintenance and a long build time, but produce rock solid prints with those linear rails. The R2 kits all have ACM parts and 24v power supplies. Plus the codeĀ FOLGERTECHFBGROUP gets you 11% off! Thank the Facebook Group for that.

Now it’s time to move forward. I want a new 3D printer. I wanted one with a bed that doesn’t move like my FT-5, and uses the most recent developments with the XY axis. I wanted it upgradable, I wanted to build it quick, and I wanted it cheap!

To make my decision I searched the web for a while. Core XY designs seems to be all the rage. And buying cheap crappy Chinese kits that REQUIRE mods to get them working right. That’s what people do now. So hey, let’s do it!

From another Facebook Group I discovered a good deal for the Tronxy s5x at $279.99 with free shipping from Los Angeles. I’m not a huge fan of gearbest. But hey, why not at this price. So I have ordered today. I hear I’m going to require a bunch of mods to get this printer up and running properly. But at $279.99 and past knowledge of the process, why not?


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